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The Hundred and One Dalmatians - Dodie Smith Review on my blogAs good as the Disney film is, it is definitely not a patch (unintentional pun there) on the original book, although they are nothing like each other anyways. The book was filled with so much adventure for such a small read and I was getting really excited when reading this book to see what would happen next.The characters were the dogs, whom spoke to each other in their own animal way, but I still felt so much attachment to them all and loved each and every one of them. They showed so much love for one another, and it was just so refreshing to read something like that. On the other hand Cruella De Vil, who is still the evil character in the book as in the film, was a vile piece of work and I felt myself feel nervous and scared for the dogs themselves when they came into contact with her. I love characters in books, so you know I love it when I feel emotion towards the characters.