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The Fourth Bear

The Fourth Bear  - Jasper Fforde Review on my blogThis is a sequel to Big Over Easy in the Nursery Crime series, and also a completely separate story by itself. Being a sequel, Fforde had a lot to live up to after the first book, and I believe that he has done it again – if not better- with this absolutely brilliant book.Like the first book, it was witty, funny, likeable and those descriptions can be given to anything and everything in this book. The stories that are written in this book are so satirically wonderful that you just can’t help but love it. If anything, I thought that this was better story wise than the first book which I still absolutely loved – there just seemed to be more substance, ‘logic’ (if there were ever a misused word with regards to the book) and twists, and I couldn’t be anything but surprised at every event that we followed.Jasper Fforde is quickly becoming my favourite author.